Habesha2day.com is a website intended to showcase novel habesha produced video contents and Articles. Share Health Tips, Online Dance Lessons, Online Music Lessons, Meet Doctors online.  The website highlights Ethiopian Television program and independently produced shows.  We curate Ethiopian video content from our members and various sources including Ethiopian Broadcast Television Stations, EBS, YouTube, Vimeo and Independent producers.  The website was created with one aim of being the one stop platform for Ethiopian video content representing the Ethiopian brand for the online community.  We find and share Ethiopian video content with the world.

Through the website users can watch Live TV streamed from Ethiopian Television Stations and Independent Producers.  Users will also have the ability to rate the stations/channels and make comments hence ensuring that quality of content is constantly improved.

To ensure that content owners are compensated for their work, we plan to license exclusive digital rights to content for Europe and America.  This will allow Habesha2day.com to create a new and transparent revenue stream for content owners to supplement revenue from existing broadcast and DVD distribution arrangements.  We will standardize and professionalize the presentation of Ethiopian content.