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  • Zersenay Tadese Bought Median Hotel For 190 Million Nakfa

     Athlete Zersenay Tadese and his business partner Yemane Seyoum acquired Median Hotel, behind Nyala Hotel for 190,000,000 Nakfa.

    The new company called Median P.L.Co, (older name Midian) will be run by General Manager Yemane Seyoum to conduct overall tourism services. Yemane has paid part of his share in cash and in kind.

    Zersenay Tadese currently holds the men’s half marathon world record. His bronze medal in the 10,000 meters at the 2004 Athens Olympics made him the first ever Eritrean Olympic medalist, and his 20 km title at the 2006 IAAF World Road Running Championships also made him the country’s first athlete to win at a world championship event.

    Zersenay, which the name means, ‘a blessed seed’ (Zeri-Senay) was born in Adi Bana, Debarwa subzone. He came from a family of seven children. He has four elder and two younger siblings out of which five are boys.

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  • Snake on a plane cancels Emirates flight to Dubai


    An Emirates flight from Oman to Dubai was cancelled after staff found a snake on the plane.

    Flight EK0863 from Muscat was grounded after baggage handlers found the serpent in the cargo hold.

    A spokesperson for the airline, quoted by Dubai-based media, said the snake was found before passengers boarded the plane.

    The aircraft was searched before re-entering service and arriving at its destination several hours later.

    Emirates did not specify the species of snake, nor whether it was potentially dangerous.

    Comparisons with the 2006 Samuel L Jackson thriller Snakes on a Plane, which sees passengers battle hundreds of highly poisonous snakes in mid-flight, inevitably emerged on social media.

    But it's far from the first time a snake has tried to travel free of charge on planes from warm climates.


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  • She Slept with a Snake and Then the Vet Told Her Something Shocking…

    One woman from India had a very unusual pet. Her pet was a snake, python that was 4 meters long.

    The snake one day simply stopped eating. After few weeks of trying to feed it, offering it all that a snake may wish to strangle and eat, desperate woman took it to the vet.

    Although it sounds strange, the vet asked her, “Does your snake sleeps with you at night, wraps around you or very close and spread out throughout its length?”

    The woman was surprised and replied: “Yes! Yes! It does it every day and it makes me so sad because I see something asking of me, and I cannot help it feel better. ”

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  • Eight Eritrean Women Enslaved By IS Have Turned Themselves In To The Misrata-Led Forces

     Eight Eritrean women enslaved by IS have turned themselves in to the Misrata-led forces of Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos in Sirte, sources reported.The sources indicated that the eight women were used as “sex slaves” by the terrorist IS leaders.

    “The act of the eight women came in cohesion with the notices dropped from air by the Libyan air force on IS hideouts in Sirte over the last 24 hours.” The sources explained.
    “IS widows and children who are still in Sirte; we urge you to get out via the coastal road westward and we promise to treat you well.” One of the notices reads, according to pictures circulated on social media on Monday.

    Other notices called on the families of IS militants, who wish to get out of Sirte, to lay aside their weapons, put their hands in the air once they reach Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos forces.
    On Sunday, the Misrata-led forces took control of Al-Manara neighborhood (Campo) in Sirte, storming into a group of tunnels used for holing up and making ambushes by IS militants. The forces also found a number of burnt IS bodies due to previous airstrikes.

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  • ወሲብን ፍላጎት እንዲኖረን የሚያስገድዱ 13 ምክንያቶች!!

    ማንኛውም ፍጡር በተለይም ደግሞ ሰው ስለ ወሲብ ያስባል። ያልማል። ይህ ስንል በቀጥታም በተዘዋዋሪም ነው። ለምሳሌ ስለ ኤች አይ ቪ/ኤድስ በሽታ ስናስብ በዛው አርገን ስለ ወሲብ እናስባለን። ስለ ልጅ መወለድ ስናስብም እንደዛው። ከየአንዷንዷ የሰው ልጅ  ዕለታዊ እንቅስቃሴ ከበስተጀርባው ወይ ድግሞ የመጨረሻው ማሰርያ ወሲብ ይሆናል። ስለ ወሲብ ጥቅም ይሁን ጉዳት በሀይማኖትም በሳይንሱም በየፊናው ራሱን የቻለ መላምት ተሰቶታል።ነገር ግን ለዛሬው ገዳያችን የሚሆነው ፕሪየር(2007)፣ የተባለው ምሁር ስለ ወሲብ ጥቅም ማለትም ሰዎች በወሲብ የሚጣመሩት በሁለት ምክንያት ነው። እነሱም ለመራባትና ለደስታ ይለናል። ይሁን እንጂ ሚስቶንና ባስ(2007)፣ የተባሉ ምሁራን ደግሞ ወሲብን ፍላጎት እንዲኖረን የሚያስገድዱ ነገሮች በአራት አበይት ምክንያቶች ሁነው በነዚህ ስር ደግሞ 13 ንኡሳን ምክንያቶች አሉ ይሉናል። እስኪ አብረን እንመልከታቸው።

    አካላዊ አመክንዮ

    በዚህ አካላዊ አመክንዮ የመሚካተቱ ንኡሳን ምክንያቶች ድግሞ፤

    1. ውጥረትን ለማቅለል:- ይህን ስንል ወሲብ እንድፈልግ የሚያደርጉን አንዱ የአከላዊና አእምሯዊ የድካም ውጥረትን መቅለል ስንፈልግ ነው።

    2. ደስታን በመፈለግ

    3. በአካል(በወሲብ) የሚጋራህ ሰው በመፈለግ፤

    4. የወሲብን እውቀትና ክህሎት ለማዳበር በመፈለግ የሚሉ ወሲብን እንድፈልግ የሚያደርጉ  በአካለዊ አመክንዮ የሚጠቃለሉ ናቸው። 

     ግብን የመምታት አመክንዮ

    እዚህ ላይ የሚካተቱ ስንመለከት፤

    5. ምንጭ በመፈለግ:- ምንጭ ስንል ብር ወይም ሌላ ጥቅም በመፈለግ ወሲብ ተገን በማድረግ የጥቅም ምንጫችንን ለማግኛ ዘዴ ማዋል።

    6. ማህበራዊ ሁኔታ:- ከአከባቢው ማህበረሰብ እንድንቆራኝ እና ተቀባይነት እንድናገኝ ብሎም ሌሎች የማህበራዊ እሴቶች ተሳትፏችን ለማዳበር ስንል ወሲብን እንፈልጋለን።

    7. በቀል:- በወሲብ ምክንያት ሌላ ሰውን ለበቀል ጉዳይ ማዋል እንደ ማለት ነው። ይህ በቀድሞ ግዚያት በሴት ወይም በወንድ ለደረሰን በደል አሁን ለምንፈፅመው ወሲብ በቀላችንን ለማካካስ ስንል ወሲብን እንፈልጋለን።

    8. ግኑኝነት በመፈለግ:- እዚህ ላይ ጊዝያዊ ይሁን ዘለቄታዊ ግኑኝነት በመፈለግ፤ ለህይወታችን ጠቃሚ ተግባር ለማግኘት በመፈለግ ፤ ወሲብን የግኑኝነት ማቆራኛ እናደረገዋለን።

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