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  • Eritrea’s strongman disappeared from public view for weeks – Sources





    NAIROBI – Eritrean president Isaias Afewerki has not appeared in public since September 2, amid reports that he traveled to Uganda for medical treatment, prompting debate about his successor.

    Afewerki, 70 who has been elected as president soon after the secretive African nation gained its independence from the neighboring Ethiopia in 1993, was seen looking frail before his mysterious disappearance.

    A source at the Eritrean embassy in Nairobi told Alleastafrica that there is widespread confusion as to the fate of the president, even within the secretive ruling party People’s Front for Democracy and Justice.

    Leader the one party state for over two decades, Mr Afewerki has been criticised for failing to implement democratic reforms. His government has clamped down on its critics and has closed the private press.

    The uncertainty surrounding Afewerki’s health condition has fueled speculations that his health may be further deteriorating.

    Just like its neighboring Ethiopia, It is not the first time that an African government has failed to confirm the illness or death of a leader in office, prompting periods of mysterious absence.


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    A friend of mine was horrified last week when her 14 year-old niece told her that peeing after s$x could prevent pregnancy. They argued for a bit until her niece triumphantly said that she had proof because she has been peeing after unprotected s*x with her boyfriend for months and she isn’t pregnant. So there!

    The niece was promptly marched off to the doctor for a firm conversation about s$x, contraception and safety, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could just write that off as one spectacularly misinformed kid? Don’t you wish we could confidently tell ourselves that most 14 year-olds aren’t sexually active and even if they were, they would know more than my friend’s niece?

    Well we can’t. I’ve known my friend’s niece for years. She’s at a good school, has loving (if very conservative) parents and should know better.

    That she didn’t is not nearly as unusual as we might think.

    About one quarter of kids in year 10 are sexually active, by the time they reach year 12 that figure doubles. Less than half of those kids are using condoms. More than half are sexually active for at least a year before they visit a doctor to talk about contraception. I could fill several pages with terrifying statistics, but I think you probably get the general idea: teenagers are having s$x and they are not doing it safely.

    Catherine Manning is the CEO of Melbourne’s SEED (Self-Esteem,Education and Development), and regularly facilitates workshops with teenagers on sexuality and consent. She was saddened but not shocked when I recounted my friend’s conversation with her niece. She told me that she has often heard such claims from young teenagers.

    “Kids don’t have the level of understanding about s&x and sexuality that we imagine they do. Schools and parents seem to think that teenagers are much more aware of this stuff than they actually are, that they can find it on the internet and don’t need to have those conversations with adults. It’s simply not true. The information is certainly there, and sites like Birdee are great resource, but kids don’t go looking for the information until something goes wrong. By then the horse has bolted. Schools are teaching the mechanics, or at least they’re supposed to, but clearly the message isn’t getting through to everyone.”

    School curriculums vary across all the states and territories in Australia, but most schools are supposed to at least teach the basics about sex. Parental consent is required in some states, which presents the horrifying possibility that the kids least likely to receive sex-ed at home are prevented from learning about it at school.

    But, as my friend and Catherine Manning found out, even the kids who are present in s&x-ed classes are not learning even the most basic information, let alone the more complex stuff about consent, respect, enjoyment and protection from disease.

    I’ve had those awkward conversations with my own kids (the one that really stands out is my nine year-old asking me what oral sx was. I told her and she didn’t believe me; we’re both still scarred by that conversation).

    I’m fairly confident they understand how it all works, but I probably need to go back and check. Because I’m also guilty of complacency. I mean, I’m knowledgeable, articulate and write regularly about feminist issues, so of course my kids know all that stuff, right?

    But now I think about it, we haven’t talked a lot about it over the last few years. What have they been told by their friends since then? How much of what I told them do they remember? How much do they think I got wrong? How much of the stuff that is really important did they dismiss as things that don’t matter?

    And the most frightening questions of all: Are they doing something that could endanger them because they don’t know all the things they should know?

    And will they tell me about it if they are?



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  • Strange rain in Dire Dawa town: Fish rains (Ethiopia)ኣጀብ ነው ዛሬ በ ድሬ ዳዋ ከሰማይ ዓሳ ዘነበ

    Residents of Dire Dawa  observed the rains of fish in the town. According to sources, it was dust particles that was dropping in balls. Later the fish drop everywhere. The residents are familiar with such a rain since it rain in the past.

    While asked his comments on the unusual incident Haromaya University Academician in the field of Meteorology and Climate Mr Efrem Mamo said such incidents are common in areas where ocean currents and winds are heavier than the usual. Mamo who said he had once heard similar thing happening in Hawasa about 10 years ago added, to have a clear view on today’s happening it will be necessary knowing recent day’s metrological data of Dire Dawa town.


    source: http://gudnew.com


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  • ወሲብን ፍላጎት እንዲኖረን የሚያስገድዱ 13 ምክንያቶች!!

    ማንኛውም ፍጡር በተለይም ደግሞ ሰው ስለ ወሲብ ያስባል። ያልማል። ይህ ስንል በቀጥታም በተዘዋዋሪም ነው። ለምሳሌ ስለ ኤች አይ ቪ/ኤድስ በሽታ ስናስብ በዛው አርገን ስለ ወሲብ እናስባለን። ስለ ልጅ መወለድ ስናስብም እንደዛው። ከየአንዷንዷ የሰው ልጅ  ዕለታዊ እንቅስቃሴ ከበስተጀርባው ወይ ድግሞ የመጨረሻው ማሰርያ ወሲብ ይሆናል። ስለ ወሲብ ጥቅም ይሁን ጉዳት በሀይማኖትም በሳይንሱም በየፊናው ራሱን የቻለ መላምት ተሰቶታል።ነገር ግን ለዛሬው ገዳያችን የሚሆነው ፕሪየር(2007)፣ የተባለው ምሁር ስለ ወሲብ ጥቅም ማለትም ሰዎች በወሲብ የሚጣመሩት በሁለት ምክንያት ነው። እነሱም ለመራባትና ለደስታ ይለናል። ይሁን እንጂ ሚስቶንና ባስ(2007)፣ የተባሉ ምሁራን ደግሞ ወሲብን ፍላጎት እንዲኖረን የሚያስገድዱ ነገሮች በአራት አበይት ምክንያቶች ሁነው በነዚህ ስር ደግሞ 13 ንኡሳን ምክንያቶች አሉ ይሉናል። እስኪ አብረን እንመልከታቸው።

    አካላዊ አመክንዮ

    በዚህ አካላዊ አመክንዮ የመሚካተቱ ንኡሳን ምክንያቶች ድግሞ፤

    1. ውጥረትን ለማቅለል:- ይህን ስንል ወሲብ እንድፈልግ የሚያደርጉን አንዱ የአከላዊና አእምሯዊ የድካም ውጥረትን መቅለል ስንፈልግ ነው።

    2. ደስታን በመፈለግ

    3. በአካል(በወሲብ) የሚጋራህ ሰው በመፈለግ፤

    4. የወሲብን እውቀትና ክህሎት ለማዳበር በመፈለግ የሚሉ ወሲብን እንድፈልግ የሚያደርጉ  በአካለዊ አመክንዮ የሚጠቃለሉ ናቸው። 

     ግብን የመምታት አመክንዮ

    እዚህ ላይ የሚካተቱ ስንመለከት፤

    5. ምንጭ በመፈለግ:- ምንጭ ስንል ብር ወይም ሌላ ጥቅም በመፈለግ ወሲብ ተገን በማድረግ የጥቅም ምንጫችንን ለማግኛ ዘዴ ማዋል።

    6. ማህበራዊ ሁኔታ:- ከአከባቢው ማህበረሰብ እንድንቆራኝ እና ተቀባይነት እንድናገኝ ብሎም ሌሎች የማህበራዊ እሴቶች ተሳትፏችን ለማዳበር ስንል ወሲብን እንፈልጋለን።

    7. በቀል:- በወሲብ ምክንያት ሌላ ሰውን ለበቀል ጉዳይ ማዋል እንደ ማለት ነው። ይህ በቀድሞ ግዚያት በሴት ወይም በወንድ ለደረሰን በደል አሁን ለምንፈፅመው ወሲብ በቀላችንን ለማካካስ ስንል ወሲብን እንፈልጋለን።

    8. ግኑኝነት በመፈለግ:- እዚህ ላይ ጊዝያዊ ይሁን ዘለቄታዊ ግኑኝነት በመፈለግ፤ ለህይወታችን ጠቃሚ ተግባር ለማግኘት በመፈለግ ፤ ወሲብን የግኑኝነት ማቆራኛ እናደረገዋለን።

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  • Breaking: A huge accident around Semit area


    An accident involving a Sino truck vehicle has just occurred in Semit area. It is unclear if there are any casualties at the moment. We managed to capture a couple of photos from the scene as people started to gather around.


    Life Plays Better!!

    መልካም ቆይታ ይሁንላችሁ!!

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