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  • Breaking: A huge accident around Semit area


    An accident involving a Sino truck vehicle has just occurred in Semit area. It is unclear if there are any casualties at the moment. We managed to capture a couple of photos from the scene as people started to gather around.


    Life Plays Better!!

    መልካም ቆይታ ይሁንላችሁ!!

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  • ኩላሊትን የሚጎዱ ነግሮችና እና የኩላሊት በሽታ ምልክቶች!!!

      ኩላሊትን የሚጎዱ ነግሮችና እና የኩላሊት በሽታ ምልክቶች!!!

    ኩላሊት(ቶች) የምንለው ሁለት ልክ እንደ ባቄላ አይነት ቅርጽ ያላቸው በሁለቱ የሰውነታችን ጎኖች የሚገኙ ከደም ውስጥ ቆሻሻን ለማስወገድ, የሰውነታችንን የፈሳሽ መጠን ለማስተካከል እንዲሁም ሌሎች የሰውነት ስራዎችን የሚያግዝ(ዙ) የሰውነታችን ክፍል ነው::

    ከላይ እንደተጻፈው አንድ ሰው ጤነኛ ሆኖ ለመቆየት እና ለመኖር የኩላሊቱን ጤንነት መጠበቅ ይኖርበታል::

    ከታች የተዘረዘሩት በቀላሉ የኩላሊት በሽታን ሊያስከትሉና ልንጠነቀቃቸው የሚገቡ ባህሪያት ናቸው::

    1. ሽንትን መቋጠር
    2. በቂ ውሃ አለመጠጣት
    3. ጨው የበዛበት ምግብ መመገብ
    4. ኢንፌክሽኖችን በተገቢው ሁኔታና በቶሎ አለመታከም
    5. የስጋ አመጋገብን ማብዛት
    6. በቂ ምግብ አለመመገብ
    7. ለሕመም ማስታገሻ ተብለው የተሰሩ መድኃኒቶች አብዝቶ መጠቀም
    8. ለብዙ ግዜ የቆየ የኢንሱልን ተጠቃሚነት
    9. የአልኮል መጠጥ
    10. በቂ እረፍት አለማግኘት

    የኩላሊታችንን ጤንነትን መጠበቅ አቅቶን ለኩላሊት በሽታ ከተጋለጥን በፍጥነት በአቅራቢያ ወደሚገኝ የህክምና ማዕከል በመሄድ አስፈላጊውን ሕክምና ማግኘት ይኖርብናል::

    የኩላሊት በሽታ ምልክቶች : -
    • የእጅና የእግር እብጠት
    • መዳከምና አቅም ማጣት
    • ለመትንፈስ መቸገር
    • የተደጋገመ ትውከት
    • የምግብ ፍላጎት መቀነስ
    • ለነገሮች ትኩረት (concentration) አለመስጠት
    • አፍችን ውስጥ የብረት ጣዕም(ስሜት) መሰማት

    ኩላሊታችን ሙሉ ለሙሉ መስራት ካቆመ ያለው መፍትሄ የኩላሊት እጥበት ሲሆን ከዚህ ካለፈ የኩላሊት ንቅለ ተከላ ሊያስፈልገን ይችላል::



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  • Germany – Egyptian Man Attack Eritrean Woman With An Knife

     The 34-year-old Egyptian, who attacked a 42-year-old woman from Eritrea with a knife on 24 October 2014, has to go to a closed psychiatric clinic: the accused first “acted with killing”, the Chairman Dr. Christian Voigt yesterday in his verdict.

    Because the 34-year-old had committed the act in the state of incapacity, the Chamber also released him from the accusation of dangerous bodily harm. “The insight into the injustice of the act was no longer there,” said the chairman. However, the 6th large criminal chamber caused the continuance of the accommodation in a forensic clinic indefinitely. “The accused is still untreated, and he does not have sufficient disease.” Therefore, the court could not dare to suspend the sentence imposed, as defendant Frank Peter Rüggeberg had requested.

    He saw the reason for a pause, as a result of the bizarre surrender of his client who had been bewitched by the victim: “Do we press him into a system, or do we need to respect his culture?” Translators from the 34-year-old culture had confirmed that Such an abundance was very widespread in Egypt. There is still a long way to go from the mountains to the mountains. Above all the psychiatric expert Dr. Nikolaus Grünherz had said that the accused continued to run a risk. He was completely lacking in insight into his situation. “If the psychosis is not treated, it can occur again in the future.” It was not possible that such or similar acts would be repeated.

    The expert refused: “It may be that something new develops and we do not even notice it at all.” Nikolaus Grünherz looked around The accused clear indications that he suffered from a “bizarre wahner life”, which ultimately had the “highly psychotic thrust” that resulted in the attack on the victim.

    Source: zena24.com

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  • United Arab Emirates has deployed 17 combat and transport aircrafts in Assab, Eritrea

    The United Arab Emirates has deployed fighter jets and many other military combat and transport aircrafts in the port city of Assab in southern Eritrea. The port of Assab is less than 60 kilometers from the tense border of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

    IHS Jane's Information Group a British publishing company specializing in military, defense, intelligence, Security, aerospace and transportation published the news  on November 11, 2016.

    The intelligence group said the massive deployment took place on October 20, 2016. Airbus Defense and Satellite imagery systems shows varsity of aircraft and military deployment in Assab port.

    Some of the military aircrafts include nine Mirage 2000 jet fighters, four helicopters, one Hercules transport aircraft and two other transport airplanes. All these military hardware is on top of what Saudi Arabia and the UAI build in Assab.

    We know the fake reason given for all the military buildup at the Ethiopian door steps is “to support their operation in Yemen” is it? Or is it to get land access to the mainland in Ethiopia? Saudi Arabia and Yemen share thousands of kilometers border and they are connected one hundred percent by land there is no need to go across the red sea to support their troops in Yemen. The real reason is they are trying to encircle Ethiopia and connect with Ethiopian and Somalia extremists for easy transportation to Ethiopia and other parts of Africa.

    Ethiopians don’t need a reminder to the consequences of Arab and Eritrean involvement in Ethiopian affairs. What did the Ethiopian government do to country this deadly long-term strategic threat from the Arab countries and their puppet the president for life in Eritrea? The answer is Absolutely Nothing.

    There are multiple options for the Ethiopian government to protect Ethiopia’s sphere of influence in the Horn of Africa. It is about for the government to take tangible actions to force the Arabs away from our backyard before they establish deep roots in Africa.

    Meanwhile the United Nations Security Council Extended Arms Embargoes on Eritrea Adopting Resolution 2317 (2016) by 10 Votes in Favour, with 5 Abstentions. The Security Council also extended the mandate of the Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group until 15 December 2017, and urged the Eritrean regime to let the monitoring group entry into the African North Korea.

    source : Tigray online 


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  • Ethiopia has 3.89 billion tonnes of oil shale located in Tigrai

    Ethiopia has 3.89 billion tonnes of oil shale located in Tigray State, which borders Eritrea. However, there is currently a lack of interest in exploring the shale oil, possibly due to a previous dispute over the area which led to conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea. This conflict continues.


    In addition to the region of Tigray, there is a smaller deposit of 100-120 million tonnes at the Delbi. Moyen coal development, southwest of Addis Ababa, although Ethiopia has plans to utilise this for manufacturing urea fertiliser (World Energy Council, 2007).

    3.89 tones of oil shale will produce roughly about one trillions barrels of oil. That is huge amount oil if it is extracted successfully not it only it will be satisfy the local market but, it will have some left for export earning much needed hard currency. Many countries has lately have successfully extracted oil from oil shale one of these countries is Canada and it supplying 18% of the USA market.

    full report is here you can download it : 


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