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  • Did You Know: Your Finger Length Says About Your Personality

     As you show the three different hands labeled A, B, and C. With each one, the ring, middle and index finger are different or sometimes the same lengths. And then, put your left hand up and compare find the one that most closely matches you.

    A) The attractive but hardheaded one.

    This one is me! People who have a ring finger longer than the index finger be likely to be attractive and appealing to some at least. A’s are the ones who can talk themselves out of just about any circumstances. Additionally, they’re destructive and outstanding problem solvers. They have a propensity to be very sympathetic and are often scientists, engineers, soldiers, and crossword riddle masters.

    B) The confident, get-it-done type.

    People with shorter ring fingers than index fingers are the self-assured, get-it-done types. They love loneliness in which to work and achieve the things they need to do, but that doesn’t necessarily indicate bashfulness. They’re very goal oriented and don’t like to be troubled. They are grateful for what they have but often hunger for more.

    C) The peacemaking

    C’s are the most peace maker or avoiding a conflict types. People with both ring and index finger length are the same height. They are faithful in relationships, loving and thoughtful partners, but be careful: C’s have a burning core that while covered up in normal day-to-day activities can be hazardous if unleashed. They might be peacemakers, but please, stay on their good quality side.


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  • Uruguay to sell cannabis in pharmacies from July

    Uruguay will begin selling cannabis in pharmacies from July, the final stage in the country's pioneering regularisation of the drug.

    The South American country will be the first in the world to legally sell the drug over the counter for recreational use.

    The move was set in motion in 2013 with a law that fully legalised the cannabis trade.

    However, it has been a slow process to put the law into practice.

    "Cannabis will be dispensed in pharmacies starting in the month of July," presidential aide Juan Andres Roballo told a press conference.

    The law requires buyers to sign up to a national registry, which Mr Roballo said would be up and running by 2 May. The price will be US$1.30 (£1) per gram.

    Registrants - who must be Uruguayan citizens or permanent residents - can purchase up to a maximum of 40 grams (1.4 ounces) per month.

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  • They Never Get Sick, Don’t Know About Cancer and Live up to 120 years, THIS IS THEIR SECRET!

    In the Northern part of Pakistan, there are a small population called Hunza people. Those people are the healthiest and happiest people in the world who can live the longest. The most interesting about this population is that they are known as a cancer-free population. Also, they are known to give birth even at the age of 65, where most women already I the menopausal period and they also love bathing in cold water.

    According to the statement of Dr. Robert McCarrison, the AMA Journal reported that nobody among the Hunza people ever develop cancer. One of the reason maybe because they enjoy consuming apricot. It is the part of their everyday diet.
    Hunza people consume food from their own plantation. They never import any food from outside the area. Most of their diet consist of raw vegetables and fruits, various cereals such as millet, barley, and buckwheat, legumes, nuts, eggs, milk, and dried apricots. They also consume cheese once in a while but they never snack. Generally, their lifestyle consist of a little eat and whole day walking.
    Regarding the eating habit, Hunzas have a tradition which is not to consume anything for 2 – 4 months when the fruits has yet to be harvested. During this period, they are fasting and eat consume nothing but juice of dried apricot.
    Medical experts said that this fast and diet contribute in their longevity and healthy live. The experts say that consuming a lot of apricots is the reason Hunzas never affected by tumor or cancer. That is because the seed from apricots contain vitamin B-17, a potent anti-cancer agent.
    Hunza people look younger than their actual age and it is much attributed to their healthy diet and lifestyle. There is even a story about some Hunzas who live up to 150 years. In 1984, one Hunza man name Said Abdul Mbundu arrived in London. But what really surprising for the security office at the airport was when he saw his paper that showed 1832 as his year of birth!


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  • Causes for Liver Poisoning | የጉበት መመረዝ 5 መነሻዎች


    Causes for Liver Poisoning | የጉበት መመረዝ 5 መነሻዎች 

    (በዳንኤል አማረ ኢትዮጤና)

    ጉበትዎን ሊጎዱ ስለሚችሉ ነገሮች ግንዛቤዎትን በመጨመር ጉበትዎን ከሚጎዱ ነገሮች አስቀድመው እንዲከላከሉ የዶክተር አለ! 8809 ሀኪሞችን ደዉለው ምን ማድረግ እንደሚገባዎ ያማክሯቸው፡፡
    የጉበት መመረዝ የሚመጣው መርዛማ ነገሮች በጉበት ውስጥ በሚጠራቀሙበት ጊዜ ነው። ዋናው የጉበት ጥቅም መርዛማ ነገሮችን ከሰውነታችን ውጪ ጠራርጐ ማውጣት ነው ለነዚህ መርዛማ ነገሮች ለረጂም ጊዜ በምንጋለጥበት ጊዜ ከባድ የጉበት ጉዳት ያመጣሉ።
    ለዚህ ጥሩ ምሳሌ ከሚሆኑት መካከል አንድ መድሃኒቶች ናቸው መድሃኒት በምንወስድበት ጊዜ ጉበታችን በመድሃኒቱ ውስጥ ያሉ ንጥረ ነገሮችን ይሰባብራቸዋል ከዚያም በሀሞት እና ሽንት አማካይነት ከሰውነታችን ውጪ ያስወግዳቸዋል በመጨረሻም ተረፈ ምርቶች ይመረታሉ።
    እነዚህ ተረፈ ምርቶች በጉበት ውስጥ ይቆያሉ መድሃኒቶቹ ኬሚካል ስለሆኑ ለጉበት መርዛማ ይሆናሉ ከዚያም የጉበት መቅላት/መቆጣት ያስከትላሉ በመጨረሻም ጉበት ስራውን ያቆማል ለህይወትም አስጊ ደረጃ ላይ ያደርሰናል።
    ጉበትን የሚጐድ መርዛማ ነገሮች እነሆ፦
    1. አልኮል መጠጦች
    አልኮል የተለመደ የጉበት መመረዝን የሚያመጣ ነው። ከ1-2 ብርጭቆ ወይን ወይም ቢራ በሳምንት በቂና ለጤና ተስማሚ ነው ነገር ግን በብዛት የሚጠጡ ከሆነ ጉበትዎን እየጐድት መሆኑን ማወቅ አለብዎት ከብዙ ጊዜ ቆይታ በኃላ የጉበት ሄፓታይተስ ያስከትላል። በዚሁ ከቀጠለ ደግሞ ጉበት ስራውን ያቆማል ይህም ሁኔታ ገዳይ ነው።
    2. ለህመም ማስታገሻ የሚወሰድ መድሃኒቶች
    እነዚህ መድሃኒቶች ቀላል የህመም ማስታገሻ መድሃኒቶች ሲሆኑ ያለ መድሃኒት ማዘዣ የምንገዛቸው ናቸው። ለረጂም ጊዜ ወይም በብዛት ስንወስዳቸው ድንገተኛ የሆነ ከፍተኛ መጠን ያለው መርዝ ጉበት ላይ እንዲፈጠር ያደርጋል ይህም የመርዝ መጠን ጉበት ሊሸከመው ከሚችለው በላይ ይሆንበታል።
    ማወቅ ያለብን ሌላው ጉዳይ እነዚህን መድሃኒቶች እንደ አልኮል ካሉ ሌሎች መርዛማ ነገሮች ጋር አብሮ መውሰድ ይህን ጉዳት በእጥፍ ይጨምረዋል።
    ይህን ችግር ከሚያስከትሉ መድሃኒቶች መካከል፦ አስፕሪን፣ አይቡፕሮፊን፣ አሲታሚኖፊሊን፣ ፓናዶል እና ናፕሮክሲን ሲሆኑ በተለያዮ የመድሀኒት ቁጥጥር ባለስልጣኖች እንደሚገልጽት ዋነኛውና የመጀመሪያው የጉበት ስራ ማቆም መነሻ ምክንያቶች መድሃኒቶች እንደሆኑ ተናግረዋል።
    3. በመድሃኒት ማዘዣ የሚታዘዙ መድሃኒቶች
    ማዬ ክሊኒኰች እነዚህ መድሃኒቶች የጉበት መመረዝን ያስከትላሉ ይሉናል፦
    ኦጉመንቲን፣ ሀሎቲን፣ አይሶኒያዛይድ፣ ቫልፕሮክ አሲድ ፌናይታዮን፣ አዛታዮፕሪን፣ ኒያሲን፣ ሎቫስታቲን፣ ፕራቫስታቲን፣ ሲምቫስታቲን፣ ፍሉቫስታቲን፣ ሮሱቫስታቲን፣ ኬቶኰናዞል እና አንዳንድ የፀረ ባክቴሪያና ቫይረስ መድሃኒቶች ናቸው። በአሜሪካ በአመት ውስጥ እስከ 100,000 ሰዎች በነዚህ መድሃኒቶች በመመረዝ ይሞታሉ።
    4. ለመድሃኒትነት የሚጠቅሙ ተክሎችና የምግብነት ይዘት ያላቸው ተጨማሪ ምግቦች
    በብዛት ስንወስዳቸው የጉበት ጉዳት የሚያመጡ በተፈጥሮ የሚገኙ ለመድሃኒትነት የሚጠቅሙ ተክሎች አሉ። በተለይ በሀገራችን የባህል መድሃኒት የምንላቸው በእርግጥ እነዚህ ተክሎች(መድሃኒቶች) ለመድሃኒትነት ሊያገለግሉ ይችሉ ይሆናል ትልቁ ችግራቸው ምን ያህል መጠን መወሰድ እንዳለባቸው አለመታወቁ ነው። ከነዚህ መድሃኒቶች መካከል የሚጠቀሱት፦ ካስካራ፣ ቻፓራል፣ ኮምፍሬይ፣ ካቫ፣ ኢፌድራ ናቸው።
    በተጨማሪም አንዳንድ ተጨማሪ ምግቦች በብዛት ሲወሰድ የጉበት መመረዝን ያስከትላሉ። በተለያዮ አጋጣሚዎች ህፃናት እነዚህ ምግቦች ከረሚላ ስለሚመስላቸው ይመገቧቸዋል።
    5. በገበያ ላይ የሚሸጡ እና የኢንደስትሪ ኬሚካሎች
    በብዛት በገበያ ላይ እና በተለያዮ ኢንደስትሪዎች የሚገኙ ኬሚካሎች የጉበት ጉዳት ሊያመጡ ይችላሉ። በጣም የታወቁ ይህን ችግር የሚያስከትሉ ኬሚካሎች እነዚህ ናቸው፦
    ★ክሎሪኔትድ ሶልቨንት
    ★ካርበን ቴትራክሎራይድ( በደረቅ እጥበት የምንጠቀምባቸው)

    ምንጭ፡- ጤናችን

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