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  • President Isaias Has Sent Messages To Various Heads Of State/Govt Urging For Lifting Of Unfair Sanctions Imposed On Eritrea


    Letter From last year dated 24 February 2016 from the Permanent Representative of Eritrea to the United Nations addressed to the President of the Security Council
    New York, 24 February 2016

     H.E. Mr. Rafael Dario Ramirez Carreno

    President of the Security Council
    United Nations
    New York, N.Y. 10017


    In reference to the meeting of the UN Security Council held on 18 February 2016, in which the report of the Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group (SEMG) was presented by the Chair of the UN Security Council Committee pursuant to resolution 751 (1992) and 1907 (2009) to the UN Security Council; and in light of the unwarranted comments made by some members, I wish to register Eritrea’s deep concern regarding the unjust sanction imposed on the people of Eritrea. At the outset, Eritrea welcomes the call made by several members of the UN Security Council to lift the unjust and unfair sanction.

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  • India conducts fourth test launch of Agni-V missile

    The Agni-V missile was launched from a site off the east coast on Monday.

    It has a range of more than 5,000km (3,100 miles), potentially bringing targets in China within striking distance.

    President Pranab Mukherjee tweeted that the launch "will enhance our strategic and deterrence capabilities".

    India conducted the first test launch of the Agni V in 2012, the second in 2013 and the third one in 2015, PTI news agency reported.

    The Agni-V is 17.5m (57ft) tall and solid-fuelled. It has three stages and a launch weight of 50 tonnes.

    The missiles are among India's most sophisticated weapons. Agni means "fire" in Hindi and Sanskrit.

    Source : BBC

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  • Police in China's capital investigate hundreds of prostitution suspects

    Police in China's capital said on Sunday they had investigated hundreds of cases of suspected prostitution, in a rare public announcement on a crackdown against illegal vice.

    The police action was focused on the districts of Dongcheng in the east of Beijing and Haidian in the northwest, Beijing police said on their Twitter-like Weibo microblog.

    They did not say if they had detained any suspects.

    While prostitution is banned in China, it is widespread.

    Source: Reuters

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  • Eritrean Businessman Robbed Of €2 Million Euros, Killed


    Uganda: Eritrean Businessman Robbed of €2 million euros, Killed

    By Joseph Kato
    Kampala — A UPDF soldier at the rank of captain has been arrested in connection with the kidnap and murder of an Eritrean businessman with the intention of stealing 2 millon euros (Shs8 billion) from him.

    Capt Hakim Mangeni and his alleged accomplices; Mr Ben Lumu and Rucy Katuramu were arrested by the police Flying Squad Unit (FSU) at the weekend over allegations of killing Deniel Weldo.

    Mr Andrew Kaweesi, the police spokesperson said the trio duped Weldo, a former South Sudan businessman that they would help him to get a visa to German from where he could transact business.

    Mr Kaweesi said the suspects, under the guise of securing Weldo a visa, realized that he had over 2 million euros on his Ugandan accounts and hatched a plan to eliminate him.

    “Weldo was reported missing on October 27. The police mounted a search. He was on weekend recovered murdered at a farm in Busia District of Kenya. Three suspects have been arrested and charged with murder,” Mr Kaweesi said told journalists at the police headquarters in Kampala on Monday.

    Mr Kaweesi said the suspects connived with two local banks and transferred Weldo’s money. He, however, declined to reveal the banks for fear of litigation.

    This racket involved two commercial banks. We have learnt some employees of local banks conspire with criminals to defraud foreigners who have a lot of money on their accounts,” Mr Kaweesi said.

    He said criminals and some bank employees have resorted to killing clients who have big amounts of money on their accounts and withdraw the money expecting nobody to tress the crime.

    He said Weldo was the second Eritrean to be targeted by criminals this year although the first one survived being killed and his about Shs7.5 billion was never withdrawn.

    Weldo was a 32-year- old man who operated his business from South Sudan. He relocated to Uganda after an armed conflict between forces loyal to President Salva Kiir and his former First Vice president Riek Machar.

    Although Mr Kaweesi could not divulge how police got information linking the suspects to the crime, a police source said the Eritrean envoy and Weldo’s relatives presented his cell phone and other documents which FSU used to extract call printouts from local telecom companies.

    “We have credible information that the murder was masterminded by Capt Mangeni. He is the one who gave orders that Weldo be crossed to Busia in Kenya from where he was killed,” Mr Kaweesi said.

    The body has since been brought to the City Mortuary at Mulago Hospital


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  • Faithful Dog Waits With Dying Owner For Five Hours Until Police Arrive

    It was an evening ritual for 65-year-old David Sparkes and his 11-year-old springer spaniel, Mistle, to take a seven-mile walk. It was a route Sparkes had taken for 20 years, and when they set out on a September evening, no one thought it would be any different. 

    But that night, Sparkes slipped as he crossed a rural fence by the river, falling and breaking three ribs. While Sparkes tragically passed away, his loyal friend stayed with him until they were found by police five hours later. 

    Source: h/t Yahoo! News


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