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  • Gates Foundation Opens Regional Headquarters Office in Ethiopia

    Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation opened its new regional headquarters office on November 17, 2015, at the International Livestock Research Institute in Ethiopia, according to The Daily Monitor.

    Roman Tesfaye, the first lady of Ethiopia was present at the official launch of office in Addis Ababa.

    Roman said the Gates foundation in line with Ethiopia’s growth and transformation plan makes meaningful investment in combating health and development challenges.

    She has also mentioned the expectations she has on the foundation on the realization of GTP II in partnership with The Ministry of Health, The Ministry of Agriculture and development agencies.

    Ever since 2000, the foundation has been supporting health and agriculture projects in Ethiopia.

    Gates foundation aims to improve agricultural productivity, increase the coverage of life-saving health and nutrition interventions and support the improvement of agriculture and primary health care systems in line with the Ethiopian government.

    Lately, the foundation has doubled its nutrition investment to USD 776 million in the coming six years and has embarked Ethiopia and its Seqota declaration as a priority.

    It was noted that 15 percent of Ethiopia’s budget has been allocated to agricultural development compared to the 2.7 percent average in the rest of Africa.

    Source: The Daily Monitor





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  • ከታማሚው ሆድ በርካታ ገንዘብ በፕላስቲክ ተጠቅልሎ ተገኘ


    በአንድ ታማሚ የሆድ ዕቃ ውስጥ በርካታ የገንዘብ ኖቶች ተገኙ። የግብፅ ዶክተሮች አንድ ታማሚ የሆድ ዕቃ ውስጥ እየተሰማው ባለው ከባድ ህመም ምክንያት የቀዶ ህክምና ሲያደርጉለት እጅግ ያልጠበቁት አስደንጋጭ ክስተት ነው የተፈጠረው።

    ለወትሮው በሆድ ዕቃ ውስጥ ዕጢ አልያም ሌላ ባዕድ ነገር ቢገኝ ያን ያህል አስገራሚ ላይሆን ይችላል ፤ ዶክተሮቹ ከዚህ ግለሰብ ሆድ ውስጥ ያገኙት ነገር ግን በፕላስቲክ የተጠቀለለን በርካታ የገንዘብ ኖቶች ነበር።

    ታማሚው አንጀቱ አካባቢ ይሰማው በነበረው ህመም ሳቢያ ወደ ሆስፒታል ሄዶ ዶክተሮች አስፈላጊውን ምርመራ ካካሄዱለት በኋላ የትርፍ አንጀት ህመም ሊሆን ይችላል በሚል ጥርጣሬ ነው የቀዶ ህክምናውን ሊያከናውኑ የቻሉት።

    ይሁንና ግለሰቡ በተደረገለት የሲቲ ስካን ምርመራ በፕላስቲክ የተጠቀለሉና በርከት ያሉ የብር ኖቶች ታይተዋል።

    በቀዶ ህክምናውም 1 ሺህ የግብፅ ፓውንዶች በፕላስቲክ እንደተጠቀለሉ ሊያስወግዱለት መቻላቸውን ነው ዶክተሮቹ የተናገሩት።

    ከዚህ ጋር ተያይዞ ገንዘቡ በምን ሁኔታ ሆዱ ውስጥ ሊገኝ እንደቻለ ግለሰቡ ለፖሊስ ቃሉን እንዲሰጥ ይደረጋል ነው የተባለው።

    መረጃው በምን ምክንያት ገንዘቡ ከግለሰቡ የሆድ ዕቃ ውስጥ ሊገኝ እንደቻለ የደረሰበትን ውጤት አላመለከተም።


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  • Ethiopian entrepreneurs struggle as command economy soars


    In Ethiopia, where state spending rather than private enterprise has been the driving force behind double-digit economic growth, tech entrepreneurs like Araya Lakew feel stuck in the slow lane.

    Five years ago, the 34-year-old spotted a niche for a website matching buyers and sellers of second-hand cars in a nation where prices often rise even as vehicles age because of high tariffs on imports.

    His website, Mekina.net, receives 316,000 hits a month and adds 20 cars a day to its sales list but he has struggled to expand beyond the capital because of poor Internet penetration and a ropy mobile network run by state monopoly Ethio Telecom.

    "We are only touching a tiny surface of the market," Araya told Reuters. "We try to optimise what we have as there are a lot of obstacles to growth."

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  • 200 pounds of brisket stolen from South Africa restaurant

    Habesha2day- Two south african ladies stolen 200 pound meat.A South Side restaurant is working hard to replace a popular menu item that was stolen the day before the Super Bowl. An estimated 200 pounds of brisket was stolen overnight Saturday at the B&B Smokehouse on Pleasanton Road."Between 3 and 3:30 a.m., someone broke into our store, tore down our gate, came into our pit, opened it up and basically took meat out of our pit," said Director of Operations Charles Neira.Neira says he was surprised the thieves ignored the security signs. He estimates the stolen brisket at a loss of $600.


    I almost want to say its a professional job because they knew where they were going, they knew what they wanted to do," Neira said.According to Neira, other barbecue joints in the area have also been targeted."I've heard Two Brothers, that they had the same problem. That they had as much as 11-15 cases of brisket stolen from them," said Neira.The only piece of information Neira has to go on is a piece of surveillance video."I went back, looked over it. The only information I got is about this black car. I can't verify that this is it. It's the only car that actually came here last night," Neira said.Neira did file a police report. He then rushed to replace the stolen brisket as he prepares for a busy Super Bowl Sunday.

    source ksat.com


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  • ሰው ሲገደል በአይኔ ተመልክቻለሁ በማለት ለፍርድ ቤት የሀሰት ቃሉን የሰጠው ፖሊስ በ18 ዓመት ፅኑ እስራት ተቀጣ

     ሰው ሲገድል በአይኔ ተመልክቻለሁ" በማለት ለፍርድ ቤት የሀሰት የምስክርነት ቃሉን የሰጠው መርማሪ ፖሊስ በ18 ዓመት ፅኑ እስራት እንዲቀጣ ተወሰነ። በዚህ የክስ ሂደት ተሳትፎ የነበረው ግለሰብም 16 ዓመት ከስድስት ወር እንዲቀጣ ተወስኖበታል።አቃቤ ህግ ክስ የመሰረተባቸው ተከሳሾች 1ኛ መገርሳ ታደሰ ቡታ፣ 2ኛ መገርሳ በዳዳ አርሳዲ እና 3ኛ ምክትል ሳጅን ያደታ አበልቲ ናቸው።

    1ኛ ተከሳሽ ጥቅምት 2000 .ም እና ቀኑ በትክክል ባልታወቀበት እለት ከሟች ወርቅነህ ካሳ ጋር መጣላቱን ምክንያት በማድረግ ቂም ይዞ ጥቅምት 30 2000 .ም ከምሽቱ 2 ስአት ከ30 ላይ በቦሌ ክፍለ ከተማ በተለምዶ ሰፈራ ተብሎ በሚጠራው አካባቢ ሟች ወደ ቤቱ በመሄድ ላይ እንዳለ ተከትሎ ሄዶ ይዞት በነበረው ዱላ ደጋግሞ በመምታት ይገድለዋል።ድርጊቱን ከፈጸመ በኋላ ተከሳሽ ይሰወራል። ይሁንና 2ኛ እና 3ኛ ተከሳሾች እውነት ለመመስከር ይምላሉ።

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