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  • Ethiopian Legendary long distance runner gets sweet approval from Europeans for honey export


    Legendary long distance athlete, Haile Gebresilassie, whose business portfolio is fast expanding, has now ventured into the apiculture sector with his latest honey production  already earning vast interests from European nations.

    Having delivered his first product in the local market labeled Haile Mar (Haile Honey), the former Atlanta and Sydney Olympics Gold Medalist is warming up for major exports to European countries including Germany, the Netherlands.

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  • Firefighter Patrick Hardison gets world's most extensive face transplant

    (Habesha2day) Patrick Hardison was working as a volunteer firefighter in his hometown of Senatobia, 40 miles south of Memphis, when he got a desperate call. A house was in flames, with a woman trapped inside. Hardison arrived on the scene and raced inside, moments before the roof suddenly collapsed. His helmet was knocked off, and he felt his mask melting. He closed his eyes and jumped out the window.Hardison lost his eyelids, ears, lips and most of his nose, as well as his hair, because of that fire. He also had disfiguring third-degree burns across his entire face, head, neck and upper torso. His skin was so badly damaged that he was not even able to close his eyes completely.

    A volunteer firefighter whose face was burned off during a home fire rescue has received the world's most extensive face transplant, New York University Langone Medical Centre said.After a 26-hour surgery performed at the New York hospital in August, 41-year-old Patrick Hardison from Mississippi is living with the face of 26-year-old David Rodebaugh.​Mr Rodebaugh was a BMX extreme bicycling enthusiast from Brooklyn who was pronounced brain dead after a cycling accident. 

    For the first time since that raging fire in Senatobia, Mississippi, in 2001, Mr Hardison can blink and even sleep with his eyes closed. His surgeon, Eduardo Rodriguez, said these were important steps to sparing his blue eyes from blindness that previously seemed all but inevitable. Dr Rodriguez led the 150-person medical team that performed the procedure.

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  • Ethiopia to Build 11 New Universities

    Ethiopia is going to build 11 new universities in the next growth and transformation plan period, aka GTP II, which is set to start in the coming fiscal year. The announcement was made by the Ministry of Education.

    Among other states the universities are going to be constructed in Oromia, Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples and Amhara States, State Minister Dr. Kaba Urgessa explained.

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  • Ethiopia Issues Licenses for 130 Investment Projects

    The Ethiopian Investment Commission announced that it has issued licenses for 130 investment projects worth 20.2 billion Birr capital in the first quarter of this fiscal year.

    Getahun Negash, Public Relation Head at the Commission, told Walta Information Center (WIC) that out of 130 investment projects, 107 projects are new and 23 are expansion projects.

    Getahun noted that among the investment projects 101 are foreign and the remaining 29 are domestic.Chinese investors have been issued with 45 licenses, Indians with 8 and Indonesians with 5, Getahun elaborated.The Commission in the past year has licensed 65 investment projects worth 3.39 billion Birr that have become fully operational in the first quarter of this fiscal year, Getahun said.


    Source: Walta Information Center

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  • የብሔረ አማራ ዴሞክራሲያዊ ንቅናቄ (ብአዴን) 35ኛው የምስረታ በዓል በኦክላንድ ከተማ የድርጅቱ አባላትና ደጋፊዎች በተገኙበት November 14, 2015 ዓ.ም ተክብሮ ውሏል።

    ክብረ በዓሉ በብአዴን/ኢህአዲግ ትግል ክቡር ሕይወታቸው ሰውተው ለአገራችን ህዳሴ ጉዞ ያበቁንን ስማዕታት በሕሊና ፀሎት በማሰብ የተጀመረ ሲሆን በቀጣይም በሎስ አንጀለስ የኢ.ፌ.ዲ.ሪ ቆንስላ ጽ/ቤት ቆንስል ጄኔራል ክቡር አምባሳደር ዘሪሁን ረታ ስለ ኢህዴን/ብአዴን ታሪክ፣ የአማራ ዲሞክራሲያዊ ብሄረተኛነት፣ የአማራው ክልል አጠቃላይ ገጽታና የልማት እንቅስቃሴዎች ላይ ሰፋ ያለ ገለፃ ተደርጓል።

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