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  • Faithful Dog Waits With Dying Owner For Five Hours Until Police Arrive

    It was an evening ritual for 65-year-old David Sparkes and his 11-year-old springer spaniel, Mistle, to take a seven-mile walk. It was a route Sparkes had taken for 20 years, and when they set out on a September evening, no one thought it would be any different. 

    But that night, Sparkes slipped as he crossed a rural fence by the river, falling and breaking three ribs. While Sparkes tragically passed away, his loyal friend stayed with him until they were found by police five hours later. 

    Source: h/t Yahoo! News


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  • Zimbabwe's Zanu-PF confirms Mugabe as 2018 election candidate

    Mr Mugabe, who is 92, has been in power since independence from Britain in 1980.

    At the party's conference, the Zanu-PF youth wing even proposed that Mr Mugabe should be declared president for life.

    However, there have been unprecedented protests this year against Zimbabwe's economic turmoil and Mr Mugabe's leadership.

    The Zanu-PF has also suffered serious infighting as factions battle it out to succeed Mr Mugabe once he eventually leaves.

    His supporters broke into thunderous applause and chanted "tongai, tongai baba" [rule, rule father] as the Zanu-PF annual conference in the south-eastern town of Masvingo nominated Mr Mugabe on Saturday.

    More Read: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-38353298

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  • Expert says improving relation with Eritrea in alignment with United States’ strategic interest


    December 13, 2016: For seven or so years, Eritrea was treated more like a pariah state.The UN imposed sanctions and certainly United States was a big factor for the policy outcome that severely affected Eritrea. Yet, much of the US allegations on Eritrea including support to radical Islamic groups were not significantly substantiated with evidence.

     This month, Brownyn Bruton , Deputy Director of Africa Center in Atlantic Council, released research based report entitled “Eritrea: Coming In from the Cold”

     In the report, Brownyn made a case for Eritrea or, to be more accurate, a case for United States’ strategic interest in the horn of Africa in general and in Eritrea in particular. Emphasized in the research,arguably, is the point that United States will not benefit from its current policy on Eritrea and paradigm shift along the lines of improving relation with Eritrea is of great importance to the United States. The paper is intended to be a blue print for the incoming Trump administration to improve relations with Eritrea.

    Read More :http://www.borkena.com/2016/12/13/expert-says-improving-relation-with-eritrea-in-alignment-with-united-states-strategic-interest/


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  • 'Thirty killed' in Nigeria suicide attack

    Two female suicide bombers detonated their explosives in a busy market, an army spokesman told AFP news agency.

    No group has said it was behind the attack.

    But Islamist militant group Boko Haram has been waging a seven-year insurgency against the government and often uses suicide bombers.

    Dozens of others were wounded in the attack, army spokesman Major Badare Akintoye told AFP.

    Boko Haram occupied the town for several months until it was retaken by the military last year.

    Source: BBC

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