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  • The Dangerous mafia "El Chapo" Guzman has appointed a group of top defense lawyers in his fight against a US criminal case

    The 60 years old Mexican drug lord "El Chapo" Guzman has appointed a group of top defense lawyers in his fight against a US criminal case.

    According BBC report they include Jeffrey Lichtman and Marc Fernich, best known for their successful defense of the son of New York mafia boss John Gotti.

    He was runaway twice from prison in Mexico, once in a laundry basket and later through a tunnel in a prison cell.

    He faces life in a US prison if convicted.


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  • Dr. Tedros Adhanom of Ethiopia is elected as next Director General of WHO


    Ethiopia’s former health and foreign minister, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has won the first round of vote in the race to elect the next Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO).

    The #WHA70 will do 2nd vote now. 1st round :
    Tedros 95 votes
    Nabarro 52
    Nishtar 38

    2nd Round Result

    Dr Tedros got 121
    The British Nabaro got 62

    If neither wins on the 2nd ballot, voting goes to a third where Nabarro or Tedros would need a majority of WHO members, ie 98 votes.

    Finally After third Round Dr. Tedros Won the Director Position. 



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  • Uruguay to sell cannabis in pharmacies from July

    Uruguay will begin selling cannabis in pharmacies from July, the final stage in the country's pioneering regularisation of the drug.

    The South American country will be the first in the world to legally sell the drug over the counter for recreational use.

    The move was set in motion in 2013 with a law that fully legalised the cannabis trade.

    However, it has been a slow process to put the law into practice.

    "Cannabis will be dispensed in pharmacies starting in the month of July," presidential aide Juan Andres Roballo told a press conference.

    The law requires buyers to sign up to a national registry, which Mr Roballo said would be up and running by 2 May. The price will be US$1.30 (£1) per gram.

    Registrants - who must be Uruguayan citizens or permanent residents - can purchase up to a maximum of 40 grams (1.4 ounces) per month.

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  • They Never Get Sick, Don’t Know About Cancer and Live up to 120 years, THIS IS THEIR SECRET!

    In the Northern part of Pakistan, there are a small population called Hunza people. Those people are the healthiest and happiest people in the world who can live the longest. The most interesting about this population is that they are known as a cancer-free population. Also, they are known to give birth even at the age of 65, where most women already I the menopausal period and they also love bathing in cold water.

    According to the statement of Dr. Robert McCarrison, the AMA Journal reported that nobody among the Hunza people ever develop cancer. One of the reason maybe because they enjoy consuming apricot. It is the part of their everyday diet.
    Hunza people consume food from their own plantation. They never import any food from outside the area. Most of their diet consist of raw vegetables and fruits, various cereals such as millet, barley, and buckwheat, legumes, nuts, eggs, milk, and dried apricots. They also consume cheese once in a while but they never snack. Generally, their lifestyle consist of a little eat and whole day walking.
    Regarding the eating habit, Hunzas have a tradition which is not to consume anything for 2 – 4 months when the fruits has yet to be harvested. During this period, they are fasting and eat consume nothing but juice of dried apricot.
    Medical experts said that this fast and diet contribute in their longevity and healthy live. The experts say that consuming a lot of apricots is the reason Hunzas never affected by tumor or cancer. That is because the seed from apricots contain vitamin B-17, a potent anti-cancer agent.
    Hunza people look younger than their actual age and it is much attributed to their healthy diet and lifestyle. There is even a story about some Hunzas who live up to 150 years. In 1984, one Hunza man name Said Abdul Mbundu arrived in London. But what really surprising for the security office at the airport was when he saw his paper that showed 1832 as his year of birth!


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